Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learning How to Learn

The past few days have been rather stressful. Though I have somewhere to live right now, I can only be here for a month so I'm actively looking for somewhere to live. Today, I oh so proudly called regarding four different possible places. Two home stays and two apartments. I felt so good about myself. The people I spoke to didn't speak the greatest of English, but somehow we were able to communicate enough to make an appointment for me to come see the room. So proud of myself! It was rough, but I'm glad to be going somewhere in this housing search. 

Right now, in the Welcome Program at Sciences Po, we are taking what is called a methodology class. We are taught the thinking process that is expected of us in our classes here in Paris. It's not the most fun class I've ever sat through, but I understand why it's important, and as I learned this summer, I just have to deal with it! Basically, they placed us in this class to teach us how they teach us. Meta. 

The Welcome Program is also organizing a "bar-a-day" activity where they pick a different bar each night of this week for everyone to meet at and hang out with each other. Last night was tons of fun. We completely took over and I met people from all over the place. I've started to realize that this is going to be the best part of this trip. Even though Paris is such an incredible city and I'm insanely lucky to be here, I think I'm going to enjoy the people I meet the most. Learning all the cultural differences and being made fun of for saying "AMMURRICA"is so much fun. I did finally meet some local French people! There was a group of four who had a friend studying at Sciences Po. I wound up talking to two boys who were absolutely hilarious. Even though the language barrier were difficult, they were definitely telling jokes and being silly, which was the best. Love meeting people from around the world, of course, but so happy to meet some people actually from France!

Notre Dame
Tonight, I went on a walking tour around the Notre Dame. We didn't cover much area, but the small part we saw was so beautiful. We also walked right over the spot that is on the movie poster for "Midnight in Paris" which was really fun. Overall, I'm doing well! Still having a bit of a hard time adjusting and struggling with the whole not speaking French thing, but I think once classes start and I have a real routine, things will be much better. Thanks for reading!

Midnight in Paris poster!

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