Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big People, Small World

I am sorry how long it's been since I've blogged. It's not even as if I'm busy. I spend far to much time on Facebook and DEFINITELY have had the time to blog, just haven't gotten around to it! 

My friends Amanda, Dana, Lia, and Anna-Lee all share an apartment about a half-hour metro ride away. Their landlord has yet to set up internet for their apartment, so they're over a lot. It's mostly just Amanda and Lia, and mostly just Lia nowadays, but when everyone's over, it's a ton of fun. We all just sit around, trying to do homework, talking and laughing about all the silly things that happen to us as foreigners and kibbitzing (gossiping) about the goings-on of Paris. Last Tuesday night, when Lia and Amanda were over, we talked about how we hadn't been to the top of the Eiffel Tower yet. So, we decided, we would go Wednesday night. And we did!

As you can imagine, Paris was beautiful from up there. It was insanely windy and rainy but it was still tons of fun. The best part is, now that we've been in Paris for a while, we can recognize things from up so high. For example, the neighborhood of our school, Sacre Cour, the big metro stations. It's really quite amazing how the city is laid out. I took some pictures from the top but my camera doesn't do too well in the dark. It looked like the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland, with all the cars moving as little lights (you know what I'm talking about) and it felt like being a giant seeing everything so tiny, like I could just pick up Paris and put it in my pocket! What I really loved about all this is that we wanted to go, and we went. We just decided that we wanted to do something and we did it. I really need to start doing this more often. Not only is it amazing that I can just head up to the Eiffel Tower on a regular Wednesday night with my friends, but that I really do have the opportunity to do all of these amazing things, I just need to decide to go out and do them. I really hope that this is something that translates into my daily life when I return home from Paris. 

I'm heading off to Barcelona this weekend. One of Lia's best friend from school, Debbie, is studying abroad there. The crazy thing is Debbie and I both did the same Jewish retreat program through high school, we have the same birthday, know a lot of the same people, both live in Orange County, yet we didn't meet until she visited Paris this weekend. There is no doubt that we've crossed paths, but so interesting that we didn't meet until now. It really is a small world!

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  1. Stephanie:
    I am so excited for all the opportunities you have, studying abroad! Definately DO NOT let your time run out with a long list of things you want to see and do while you are there. Was Debbie in Talit? How cool that you are connecting now. Enjoy Spain