Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disneyland Paris

I didn't feel the need for a creative title today. Disneyland Paris is eye catching enough! Sunday's trip to the park was so much fun, I will do my best to put in into words.

On a quick side note, photos and blog of the apartment will be coming soon! Just need to clean up a bit, decorate, and then take the photos for your viewing enjoyment.

Back to Disneyland.

Today's blog will be filled with lessons. If the lesson receives a "Pass," Disneyland Paris has done something better than Disneyland (in California). If the lesson receives a "Fail," Disneyland has beaten Disneyland Paris. This is not to say that if Disneyland Paris receives more "Passes" then "Fails" it is a better park than Disneyland. Nothing can beat Disneyland. There are just some aspects of Disneyland Paris that are quite smart or deserve recognition. At the end, there will be a summary of the lessons and the mark received by Disneyland Paris. Furthermore, the objective of the lesson will be in bold. Like so. Let's begin.

We took the train right to entrance and excitedly danced to the ticket booth. There are two parks in Paris. The first one is just the normal Disneyland park, and the second is called Walt Disney Studios. Our plan was to save money and just buy tickets for Disneyland, but they had a student deal (Lesson #1: Pass) in which one ticket for both parks was 62euros. Just Disneyland would have been 61euros. So we paid 1euro to add the second park. What a deal. 

As soon as we entered, I honestly could not contain myself. I was an avid Disney goer from 8th till 12th grade, annual pass and all. I felt right at home and started snapping photos of everything in sight. I'll spare you. We immediately got down to business, mapped out our day, and began (as every good annual pass holder knows to do) with Space Mountain FastPasses for a little later in the morning. The first ride we hit after that was Indiana Jones. Much to our surprise, it was completely unlike the one in California. It was an outside roller coaster, with a loop (Lesson #2: Pass). I was quite thankful, as the Indiana Jones back home scares me quite a lot. 

Words over the photo so you can't steal a good copy
Lesson #6: Pass
We then moved on to Pirates of the Caribbean, which I am sorry to tell you does not contain Jack Sparrow (Lesson #3: Fail). The ride had three drops, none of which occurred at the beginning (Lesson #4: Pass). 

Our FastPasses were finally ready, and we headed over to Space Mountain. This ride was actually amazing. It is so much more thrilling than the one in California. The line is a lot more entertaining, the theme of the ride is better, AND there's a loop! They, do, however, take your picture at the beginning of the ride (Lesson #5: Fail). Pictures of faces mostly lacking in emotion and showing confusion as to why this is happening. 

After Space Mountain was Star Tours. They don't have the new ride yet (Lesson #7: Fail), so it was kind of like a little throw back. After having been on the new one at Disneyland, it was strange to see the same film for the ride again, in French, of course. (Forgot to mention, in case you didn't know, lots of stuff in French, but still had fun!)

I'll stop boring you with this play-by-play of everything that happened and jump right to our transition to Walt Disney Studios park. We were quite impressed by how fun the park turned out to be. We couldn't quite decide what to do first, so we hopped on the Studio Tram Tour (Lesson #8: Fail) of a Disney backlot. Sounds cool, right? Not exactly. We waited in line for 40 minutes for a waste of a ride. They showed props from Dinotopia (no one knew what that was), Pearl Harbor, and some other stuff no one knew was Disney, or maybe they're not. I won't spend too much time on it, so that's enough.

We wandered around Toy Story Playland (Lesson #9: Pass) before heading to Crush's Coaster (Lesson #10: Pass) which was the coolest ride I've ever been on in my entire life. You sit in a turtle shell and coast through the East Australian Current with Crush while the turtle shell turns and rocks back and forth. As soon as we got off the ride, we were all freaking out about how incredible the ride was. Lia and I feel bad for anyone that never gets to go on the ride. Which is most people. 

After that, we went back to Disneyland for a great rest of the night. One of our favorite parts of the whole park was the entrance to Adventureland, which was Aladdin themed (Lesson #11: Pass)! We took a bunch of silly photos. If you care to see them, go ahead and check Facebook. Kind of just wanted to give y'all an idea of what the Aladdin entrance looked like!

We spent the rest of the the night exploring the tree house and the rest of the park. We went on Space Mountain one last time and watched the fireworks, which included a great show projected on the castle. It really was a magical day. Lia, Maggie, Amanda and I had such a fun time and are so lucky to have gone! Oh and this photo...

Couldn't ask for more <3

And that's it! Please keep reading my blog and I hope you're enjoying my adventures. A bientôt!

As promised, a recap of the lessons:

Lesson #1: Pass
Lesson #2: Pass
Lesson #3: Fail
Lesson #4: Pass
Lesson #5: Fail
Lesson #6: Pass
Lesson #7: Fail
Lesson #8: Fail
Lesson #9: Pass
Lesson #10: Pass
Lesson #11: Pass
Pass: 7  Fail: 4
Definitely passed :D

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