Sunday, December 16, 2012

Five Things: The bakery downstairs

As my time in Paris is coming to an end, I've decided to write a few last blogs to feature the five things I will miss the most about this incredible city and this semester in general. There are other amazing aspects of my experience I will miss of course, but these are a few of what I'll miss the most.

The bakery downstairs right outside of my apartment has been one of my favorite places since I moved into this apartment. It may not be the best bakery in all of Paris, but it is absolutely adorable and I have fallen in love with their bread and treats. Besides the fact that it is directly next door to my apartment, they have such great food and are so nice to me. It took a while, but the lady knows that I always want une tradition, which is basically a fancy baguette. She sees me walk in, gives me a smile, and grabs one from the basket behind her. I then give the nice woman my 1.15€, give the homeless lady that always sits outside the bakery some change, and start eating the tasty bread on my short walk home.

By the way, the bakery is open every day except Wednesdays. I don't usually like Wednesdays.

When I don't purchase une tradition, I usually treat myself to a pain chocolat aux amande. This is definitely my pastry of choice. A pain chocolat is basically a chocolate croissant, but when made into a pain chocolat aux amande, they add powdered sugar and almonds which makes for a perfect mid-morning snack. I wish I could take a million of these home with me so I never run out. YUM ----------------------------------->

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