Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jukebox the Ghost

On Tuesday night I saw Jukebox the Ghost in concert. Since Jonathan played their song "Hold It In" for me one day while we were in the car, I've absolutely loved them. They were in Indianapolis this year, which was a huge bummer for me since I was in Paris. However, their Facebook page informed me that they were coming to Paris!

They were the second opener for a guy named Allen Stone, who I've never heard of, but I bought a ticket to the concert nonetheless. Since I've been in Paris, Jukebox the Ghost has really become one of my favorite bands, one of my favorites that has all the members living (unlike The Beatles, another one of my favorites). My friend Amanda so kindly came with me and it was really a great night. I even tried my best not to be a weird, annoying fan. I think I succeeded. 

I snuck up to the front and was standing right in front of the guitarist, Tommy, or he may have introduced himself as Tom. I knew all the songs and most of the words to all the songs. It was so much fun to hear some of my favorite song played live. After the show, they were at the merchandise table so I went to introduce myself and had a nice chat with them. Since I already have all their albums, I asked if they would sign my ticket, and they did. The ticket also says nowhere that I saw them so they added the name to it. I talked to Tom(my) first and when he realized I was American and that I had came to the show specifically to see them he said he had seen me in the audience and was confused as to how I knew all the words and was singing along. Made more sense after I talked to them. I met Jesse the drummer and talked to Ben the pianist, too. Ben went to piano camp at Indiana University (where I normally go to school), which is pretty funny. I told them that Jonathan hadn't let me go to Outside Lands with him to see them and they called him an asshole. (Sorry, Jonathan. Maybe you can redeem yourself someday.) Super funny. I took a picture with them and as I was leaving, Tommy said, "Bye, Steph!" What a great night and so happy to have seen them live!

Jesse, Ben, me, and Tommy

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